Meta Mate 1 Hybrid Mate – 500g


A new hybrid mate from Meta Mate – harvested from native forests and vacuum packed for freshness. This is craft mate at an affordable price.

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Following on from their 2018 Hybrid harvest, Meta Mate have produced another fantastic Hybrid Mate. It’s so good that it has joined their main product range under the name ‘Meta Mate 1’.

Meta Mate 1 is a result of an experiment started in 2012, which had the aim of combining artisanal and larger-scale production methods to create a ‘hybrid’ mate – one with all the benefits of a craft mate but at a more affordable price.

Meta Mate 1 is harvested from native forests under the supervision of the Gehm family, artisan mate producers who have worked in collaboration with Meta Mate for some years. The harvested leaves undergo the sapeco process before they even leave the forest. This involves briefly firing the leaves to stop oxidisation, sealing in their freshness. They are then transported to the factory of Barão de Cotegipe, where they are dried with hot air, milled and vacuum packed.

The result of this process is a wonderfully fresh leafy cut mate, with a smooth nuttiness and a subtle hint of smoke. It is the perfect choice for fans of Meta Mate 23 who want to step up their mate experience.

With the help of Barão de Cotegipe, which increases production capabilities compared to entirely artisanal methods, Meta Mate have been able to create an affordable mate without sacrificing on any of the quality of a craft mate. This helps to support small-scale producers like the Gehm family and moves away from industrial producers, whose monoculture crops not only produce inferior mate, but are also much more harmful to the environment and the biodiversity of Brazil.


We recommend preparing this mate in the traditional manner, using a gourd and bombilla. For instructions on how to do this, click here.

Alternatively, you can prepare this mate using a French Press or tea strainer. If using a French Press, add 2 tablespoons of mate to 1l of hot (no more than 85°C) water. Let sit for 5 minutes before pushing down the plunger.