Meta Mate Hybrid Craft Mate 2018 – 500g

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ON SALE NOW – LAST FEW BOXES! Premium wild-harvested, hybrid craft mate from the Gehm family – May 2018 harvest.

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On sale now – last few boxes!

This limited edition mate is a result of the collaboration between Meta Mate, Barao de Cotegipe and the Gehm family in Sede Nove, Southern Brazil, who have 3 generations of experience of artisanal Yerba Mate production. This is a ‘hybrid’ mate, meaning it was produced using a combination of artisanal and larger-scale methods.

Harvested by hand under the light of the moon from trees growing in the Gehm family’s own organic certified forests, the leaves underwent the initial firing process, or sapeco, before even leaving the forest. They were then air-dried and vacuum-packed by Barao de Cotegipe, resulting in some of the freshest mate you will ever taste.

This mate has the fresh greenness of a Brazilian chimarrão but a leafy cut with stems more typical of Argentinian mates. The taste is a fresh grassiness mellowed out by a warm nuttiness, with an aroma reminiscent of a dewy dawn in the Brazilian forest.

By purchasing this mate, you are supporting small-scale, family-run Yerba Mate producers whose harvesting methods are entirely sustainable. The Gehm family have recently raised enough funds to build a new barbacua, or drying room, which will allow them to increase production of their forest-grown craft mate. This is a step in the right direction, away from a market dominated by the unsustainable production of Yerba Mate in vast monoculture plantations.


We recommend preparing this mate in the traditional manner, using a gourd and bombilla. For instructions on how to do this, click here.

Alternatively, you can prepare this mate using a French Press or tea strainer. If using a French Press, add 2 tablespoons of mate to 1l of hot (no more than 85°C) water. Let sit for 5 minutes before pushing down the plunger.