Purinox Serejo Bomba


A sleek bomba suitable for enjoying leafy cut Mates and tererés.

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The Serejo bomba/bombilla takes its name from Hélio Serejo, a Brazilian writer and journalist who spent time researching Mate culture. Ideal for enjoying leafy cut Mates, it is produced by a small company in Southern Brazil and is 100% stainless steel.

It comes in two sizes. We recommend pairing the smaller version with our glass or small ceramic cuias. The larger version is more suited to our medium or large ceramic cuias, or alternatively our calabazas.

The Serejo bomba lends itself particularly well to consuming tereré. This is a drink popular in Paraguay which uses leafy cut Yerba Mate and cold or iced water rather than hot. It is common to add various herbs, citrus juices or other ingredients to tereré, resulting in a refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day.

The Serejo bomba is, however, perfectly suitable for drinking hot Mate and will work well with any leafy cut Mate.


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