Ceramic Cuia


Individually crafted ceramic cuias, handmade in Berlin by Antares-Keramik.

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These beautiful cuias are all handmade in Berlin by Antares-Keramik. Available in three sizes and various designs, a ceramic cuia allows the Mate drinker to sip away in style (cuia is the Brazilian word for a Mate gourd).

Ceramic cuias are a great choice for those looking for something a little easier to maintain than a traditional calabaza cuia, or for those wanting a more neutral-tasting cuia. They are even dishwasher safe.

Unlike Argentinian gourds, these cuias have the wide opening typical of the Brazilian style. This allows for a larger pile of fresh Mate to sit on top and means the cuia can be refilled more times before the Mate loses its flavour. A large ceramic cuia could well last you most of the day!

Recommended bombilla pairing:

Small cuia – small Serejo bombilla or Purinox premium bomba.

Medium cuia – large Serejo bombilla, Purinox premium bomba or Bortonaggio bomba.

Large cuia – large Serejo bombilla or Bortonaggio bomba.


For instructions on how to prepare Mate tea using a gourd and bombilla, click here.