What is a gourd?

A gourd is a vessel used to drink Mate tea. Traditionally crafted from the hollowed out fruit of the calabash (calabaza) vine, Mate gourds are now made from a variety of materials, such as glass, ceramic and wood. Nevertheless, calabash gourds remain very popular. 

Types of gourd

In Spanish-speaking countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, gourds are referred to simply as mates. These mates tend to have wider bases with narrow openings at the top. 

In Southern Brazil, they call gourds cuias. Brazilian cuias have wide openings at the top. This allows a larger pile of fresh Yerba Mate to sit on top, meaning you can refill the cuia more times before it loses its flavour. 

In Paraguay, it is common to see gourds carved from a bull’s horn. These are referred to as guampas and are often used to drink a type of cold Mate called tereré. 

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