Our company

Mate Tea UK is a small, family run business, providing you with the best Mate tea we think you can find in the UK. We work in close collaboration with Meta Mate and other providers to find you really high quality produce. All of our Mates meet or exceed organic standards. They are ethically produced and come from companies which place a strong emphasis on sustainability and the regeneration of native South American forest. We strive to maintain strong company ethics, while ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. Click here to browse our online shop.

Why drink our Mate?

If you want to get into drinking Mate tea, you should start drinking the best that there is. It really does make a difference. The good stuff tastes better and has higher nutritional values. The Mate tea that we sell meets our rigorous ethical standards. This is a main priority of ours as a company. We refuse to sell what we deem to be unethical or environmentally unfriendly. As Mate enthusiasts we want to promote a culture of Mate drinking here in the UK, where it is yet to become standard. We hope that one day it will and that everyone can access the health benefits of this wonderful plant.

Is our Mate organic?

In short, yes. All the Mate tea that we sell meets or exceeds organic standards. Meta Mate‘s 23 Fresh and 42 Roasted Mates are certified organic by EcoCert. Both the EU and USDA recognise this certification. Furthermore, Meta Mate's Raw and Craft Mates go well beyond organic requirements. However, there are difficulties involved in getting certification for such small-scale, independent operations. Partly for this reason, Meta Mate came up with their Fair Trust concept. 

Meta Mate set up the Fair Trust initiative to ensure complete transparency as to the origins of their products. The ethics of what we are doing are extremely important to us as a company. This is why we chose to work together closely with Meta Mate. They strive to offer the best Mate possible, while preserving and sustaining the quality of life of the farmers and families who produce it. 

Unfortunately, industrial producers harvest a large percentage of Mate on the market, growing it in vast, single-crop plantations. This increases productivity, but sacrifices almost everything else: plant diversity, soil fertility, nutritional values, indigenous land, wildlife etc. Mate grown in smaller plantations, or even better in the forest itself, is both more sustainable and more nutritious.

If you're new to Mate tea then you're in the right place! If you're a regular then you'll appreciate what a difference it makes drinking really great Mate!

More than just a drink

Mate (pronounced ma-tay) is not only a drink, it's a way of life. Mate is deeply embedded in South American culture. Offering and drinking it with another person is a sign of friendship, acceptance and hospitality.

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Health benefits

Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, Yerba Mate has numerous health benefits. It also helps you to focus and gives you energy throughout the day. If you're an athlete, Mate tea could be the ideal pre-workout energy booster, especially if you want to lose weight.