Bortonaggio Bomba


A high-quality bomba by Bortonaggio.

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This stainless steel Bortonaggio bomba from Brazil is a great option for the Mate drinker.

Typical of Brazilian-style bombas, its perforated end is wide, flat and circular. This is unlike bombillas from Argentina and elsewhere, which tend to be narrower at the end. The quality of the bomba helps to avoid clogging, even when drinking powdery Mate, and its smooth mouthpiece is a pleasure to drink from.

It comes in two sizes:

The standard 20.5 cm bomba pairs well with our medium or large ceramic cuias, or our calabazas.

The smaller 19 cm bomba pairs well with our small or medium ceramic cuias, and also fits our calabazas.



For instructions on how to prepare Mate tea using a gourd and bombilla, click here.